2020 King County Fair Vendor Applications are now available.

Please download the pre-application below and complete it on-line. 

This application does not guarantee you a spot.

If approved, you will be sent the full application with payment instructions.

Questions can be directed to the Fair Vendor Coordinator

Colleen Michael 


Permissible Restrictions on First Amendment Activities and Speech

§  Handing out leaflets, trinkets and the like other than from a licensed booth

§  Selling literature, trinkets and the like other than from a licensed booth

§  Soliciting donations or contributions other than from a licensed booth

§  Soliciting signatures for a petition other than from a licensed booth

§  Uttering or displaying “fighting words” likely to provoke retaliation

§  Uttering or displaying words or gestures that incite imminent lawless action

§  Advocating breaking the state’s criminal lad (because the First Amendment cannot require a state or facility such speech at its own activities such as a state, county or other government sponsored or supported fair)

§  Creating congregating or loitering which could interfere with the orderly, safe and efficient movement of the crowd or impeded the lfow of vehicular traffic

§  Holding signs or placards up in the air on a rigid stick or pole (a rigid stick or pole could be used as a weapon)

§  Displaying graphic or offensive images free from shielding or screening